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“These are the best crops I’ve ever grown and I’m over $300,000 up on previous years with some changes to fertiliser and the addition of The Bactivate 5 Program”.

Wayne Johnston – Grower.



Fluctuating rainfall is a challenge for any farmer and is more of an issue with poor soil quality.

The trail was conducted with Russet Potatoes in the Meander Valley in Tasmania in 2019, during a period of well below average rainfall. The farmer was applying 3 times the amount of water he would normally every 7 days.

A second trial was conducted in 2020 during the same period, in which they received 50% higher than average rainfall.

Maintaining the correct soil moisture is critical to avoid tuber problems and soil health is the key to managing the performance of the plants.

What was measured?

Yield per hectare against the Tasmanian State Average.

Return per hectare.


2019 – Dry Period

  • 50 T / Ha State Average
  • 62 T / Ha Trial Results

2020 – Wet Period

  • 60 T / Ha State Average
  • 89 T / Ha Trial Results

A second year result of 48% greater than the average State performance of Tasmania.

As the harvester was pulling the potatoes, the Field Rep and the Farmer counted in excess of 40 worms per sqm, an occurrence not previously seen prior to the second harvest.

Farm outcome:

Improved yield by 44% on the first year and significantly greater profits.

The presence of earth worms, is a testament to the improvement in soil health.

The outcome gained the attention of McCains, who are nearing completion of their own independent trials. Contact Bactivate to learn more about the results.