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It’s our succession.

We use “our” on purpose. We are parents as well. We feel we should be in this together.

Soil and the communities within them are the very basis for life on this planet. As custodians of the land the regeneration of our soil is the most important thing we can do for the next generation. If we make the choice to regenerate our soil, we believe the future will be bright. And it is not like it will take a lifetime. We are actually incredibly lucky. With Bactivate we can speed up regeneration. In a few months you will begin to see the results. In 10 years you will look back with relief that you began your journey to becoming a soil farmer when you did. Today.

Farm succession is critical to us all. We want prosperous farmers and a new generation of our sons and daughters coming back to the family farm, thankful for the soil you left them, and driven to change our soil for the future.

And all soil counts – home soil farmers are just as important. When you make the choice to regenerate your home soil naturally with healthy soil bacteria you make the choice to stop the run off of nasty chemicals and fertilisers that reach our drains, rivers, lakes and seas. You make the choice to build and capture carbon in your gardens. And you will become an evangelist for soil. You will even start looking into regenerative farming and then choosing products form regenerative farms, which will support those farmers to be successful. You will start talking about it passionately with your friends. From you, all change begins. Come join us. Soil is a fascinating world.

A 10 year journey.

Bactivate started over 10 years ago. It is now owned by a family who are passionate and driven to regenerate our soil. And by shareholders who are driven by purpose just as much as profit. It’s rare in that respect. It’s in the hands of people who care and are prepared to put their own futures on the line for the future of our soil. We’ve seen their commitment and are proud to be working for them.

10 years of farm research has brought us to the place where we believe we are just getting started. We can feel it. This next decade is going to be the decade of soil. Farmers will all become soil experts, and those who don’t, will fall behind. Those backyard gardeners in the know will build and talk about soil communities and be the envy of the neighbourhood. For us the next 10 years is filled with so much promise. And we can’t wait for you to join us.

Become a soil farmer

Our mission.

Our mission is to bring generational prosperity to farmers through soil regeneration.

If that feels like something you want to be part of, feel free to contact us here.