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Load your customer invoice and details to claim your rebate on your wholesale price for the Mates Rates Bactivate spring promotion.

To avail of the distributor rebate on the Mates Rates Bactivate promotion simply fill out the details to your right or below, upload the invoice and we will credit your account with all the discounts you have uploaded at the end of the month.

Promotion ends Oct 15 2022. We will accept all invoices up to and including that date.

All invoices must be uploaded by Oct 30.

Please note we require all the information requested in order to pay the rebate.

Please also note that the discounts require purchase of the full Bactivate program. That is:

  • 1L of Bactivate 3 OR 5 per Ha
  • 2.5L of Bactivate Bioboost Enhance per Ha
  • 2.5L of Bactivate Seaweed per Ha

The discounts are in 5% increments so a purchase that is only sufficient for 24Ha will only get 20% discount. For clarity the discount details are outlined below.

  • 25 hectares for 25% discount.
  • 20 hectares for 20% discount.
  • 15 hectares for 15% discount.
  • 10 hectares for 10% discount.
  • 5 hectares for 5% discount.

This promotion is not available in combination with any other trade discount.


Name of distributor staff submitting invoice (for contact on any points of clarification)(Required)
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Name of customer contact(Required)
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