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Limited to first 100 customers.

With fertiliser prices so high it’s not like you need any more incentive to use a product that can help make the nutrients you use more plant available, but we are giving giving 25% off our Recommended Retail Price (RRP) to the first 100 customers to purchase sufficient Bactivate to cover 25 hectares of their farm.

This promotion runs until Oct 15 and no farms will be accepted after that date.

Please also note that the discounts require purchase of the full Bactivate program. That is:

  • 1L of Bactivate 3 OR 5 per Ha
  • 2.5L of Bactivate Bioboost Enhance per Ha
  • 2.5L of Bactivate Seaweed per Ha

Got a little less land? We won’t leave you behind, we are giving the following discounts on a graduated scale. Note that 24 hectares worth is still only a 20% discount as we are doing this in 5 percent increments.

  • 25 hectares for 25% discount.
  • 20 hectares for 20% discount.
  • 15 hectares for 15% discount.
  • 10 hectares for 10% discount.
  • 5 hectares for 5% discount.

This promotion is not available in combination with any other trade discount.

To find a distributor in your area or get in touch click this link.

Our mission.

Our mission is to bring generational prosperity to farmers through soil regeneration.

If that feels like something you want to be part of, feel free to contact us here.